Friday, June 22, 2018 Newsletter - Issue 18

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June 25, 2018 -  Issue 18
"How to avoid a Melt Down….ala Phil Mickelson"

If you are a golf fan you probably watched or heard about Phil Mickelson’s
classic act of frustration in last weeks US Open. Phil intentionally hit a golf
ball that was still moving while he was putting on the thirteenth hole and
incurred a two stroke penalty. It is something every weekend golfer has
wanted to do, in fact some of you might have already done it. But for a
world class golfer to do it. Well it left the announcers speechless.

One can only imagine the level of frustration that would compel a golfer of
his stature ability and experience to lose control like that on a world stage.
If ever there was an EFT teaching moment in golf, this was it. But it’s to
late you might be saying. He already did it. Well I submit to you if Phil new
about EFT this event would have never happened. Since it has happened
Phil could use EFT now to deal with the fallout from and embarrassment
from the event and make sure he never reaches that level of frustration
again. Listed below are some tapping phrases Phil could have used
before and after his episode.

Performance in golf or any other sport is usually about playing inside your
comfort zone. Clearly course conditions and circumstances knocked Phil
out of his comfort zone.


Here are a few even though statements Phil might have used prior to
his blowup when he knew he was getting frustrated.
  • Even though I hate the course set up
  • Even though conditions are unfair
  • Even though these greens are ridiculously hard
  • Even though they stuck the pins in unfair positions
  • Even though I’m so frustrated with the course and my score
  • Event though I’d like to give a piece of my mind to whoever set up this course


Here are a few statements he might have used after the blowup
  • Even though I lost my cool in front of twenty million people
  • Even though I’m embarrassed to face my fans
  • Even though I’ll have a tough time living this down
  • Even though this will stick with me a long time
  • Even though I’m tired of talking to the media about it
  • Even though I let my family down
  • Even though my behavior was unprofessional

What kind of conditions or circumstances knock you out of your
comfort zone. Make a list and tap on those feelings before and after
your next round of golf.

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