Friday, January 12, 2018 Newsletter - Issue 16

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January 10, 2017 -  Issue 16

"Learn to Love Putting”


All aspects of .golf are important.  Every golfer wants to smash long drives  hit crisp irons and make 20 foot putts for birdie. However if there was one area you could concentrate on that would give you the most bang for your buck I suggest it should be putting.   Putting accounts for as much as 35% or 50% of your score (shoot 90 and take 36 putts it’s 40%, take 40 putts and its 44%, take 32 putts and it’s only 35% of your score) so improvement in this one area can dramatically affect your score.
In this issue I want to encourage you to focus on some of the blocking beliefs you face when getting ready to putt. What are some of the thoughts that race into your head. For example.

  • I don’t want to three putt
  • I‘m afraid of leaving the putt short
  • I’m afraid of hitting it too far past the hole
  • I can’t read the green
  • My hands are shaking
  • I don’t know how hard to hit the putt
  • I’m the worst putter in my foursome

What ever your thoughts are you need to analyze them. Ask yourself why you feel that way and also try to think of other situations when you felt the same way. Let’s take the case of three putting.  Instead of just tapping on the immediate fear of “three putting” or “leaving the putt short”  try remembering prior situations or specific times in previous rounds when you actually three putted or left the putt short.  By tapping on those specific events you begin to address the root of your fear when it first surfaced.
If there is a specific time when you three putted to lose a match or ruin a good score that is a specific event and chances are there is still an emotional charge to the memory.  These are the kinds of specific events you need to clear out through the tapping process.  You should get to a point where after several rounds of tapping on specific events and times the memories of those events have zero emotional response to them. Then next time you get up to putt,  the fear of three putting will no longer have the same effect on you because you have cleared out emotional static associated with it.
Use this same process with all of the thoughts that seem to interfere with your putting and soon you will be two putting and even one putting greens instead of three putting.


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