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Last issue we talked about why golf seems so hard compared to other sports.  To review, the takeaway was that in other sports you have more than one chance to be successful and the penalties are not as severe for a miss.  For example in tennis you can serve more than once and even if you are struggling, as long as you hit the ball back over the net between the lines you are still playing the point and continue to have a chance to hit a winner.  If you are up to bat at baseball you can swing twice and miss the ball and still have another chance or you can hit multiple foul balls without penalty and still have a chance to get a hit.

In golf the pressure to hit a good shot is intensified because you have only one swing and one chance to hit a good shot or suffer the consequences. On some holes one bad swing and you are out of bounds, or in a lake or in the woods.  Not only have you lost a ball but now you have to add a penalty shot,  drop a ball and try again to execute the same shot that just got you in to trouble. Definitely not a confidence builder.
Think of all the emotions that might be surfacing in this instance. Anger over losing a ball, frustration over having to take a penalty stroke, fear of having to hit the once more and possibly hitting it in the woods or out of bounds again. Possibly even embarrassment over wondering what your fellow golfers are thinking of you.
All of these are tappable issues but not necessarily while you are on the golf course.  Let’s be realistic you have limited time in between shots and even if there was time you probably wouldn’t want to start a tapping routine in front of your foursome and try to explain what the heck you were doing.
One of the great features of tapping is that it can be done both in the moment you are experiencing the emotion or at home in your easy chair when you replay the event and tap on your emotional response.
For example. Say you hit your tee ball out of bounds on a certain hole. Usually you will have thirty seconds to one minute before you have to hit again. You are in”the moment”.  The best thing to do is just tap on one particular point like the collar bone point for a few seconds while you mentally tune into your fear, anger embarrassment or whatever emotion you are experiencing. Then proceed with the shot. Later that evening or even the next day while sitting at home or in the office you can then replay the event in your mind and go through the whole tapping routine until your emotions  over that bad shot or bad swing have been neutralized.  After several rounds of tapping you should be able to replay or relive that event  in your mind and have no emotional response to it.  If after several rounds  you are still experiencing some emotional response,  there are other aspects surrounding it that have to be dealt with.
Some of the questions you might ask yourself are when was the first time you were angry over a poor performance.  When was the first time you felt pressure to be perfect.  When was the first time you were embarrassed over a poor performance.  It could be as simple as another time when you were younger and playing another sport or it could have nothing to do with sports. For example a teacher may have asked you to read in front of the class and you got embarrassed because you didn’t know some words or were uncomfortable speaking in front ot classmates.  It could even be a presentation you had to make in front of your boss.These would be considered original events when you first experienced  a particular emotion so you would want to neutralize these events as well.  This is explained in much more detail in the book.

Remember to try EFT on everything.  Use it on the course for anxiety over shots or putts, frustration with playing partners, slow play.  The uses are endless.  Next time you have a headache or sore shoulder try EFT on that problem as well.

Steve Botuchis

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