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Using EFT for More Than Confidence on Putts
Several weeks ago the final major of the year,  the PGA was held at Baltusrol in New Jersey.  It was a tough week with constant rain delays.  The players had to start and restart numerous times after having to leave the course after the weather siren blew.  In interviews many players were complaining of the delays, having nothing to do in between delays and how difficult it was to establish any rhythm.
It is very difficult to play in bad weather.  The grips get wet, the players get wet the greens roll slower the rough gets harder to hit from.  All in all it is a pain in the butt.  Some players thrive in it which is why they do so well at the British Open where historically the weather is terrible.  Tom Watson was famous for loving bad weather and won five British Opens to prove it.
So another great use for EFT is playing in bad weather conditions when you are getting very frustrated and want walk off the course and go home.
As always it is important to use your own words that communicate how you are feeling.  Here are some thought starters.
“ I want to quit”
“I hate bad weather”
“I can't play in the rain”
“My feet are wet, my clothes are wet, I'm miserable”
“I knew I should have stayed home”
“I'd quit right now but I don't want to act like a baby”
“I can't believe no one else wants to quit”
“I didn't even want to play today but got talked into it”
“I don't care what I shoot today I'm just going thru the motions”
“I'm mad at Steve for talking me into this”
Set Up Phrase. While tapping on the karate chop point on either hand  Even though insert phrase”  ending with “I accept myself”


Shortcut phrases that focus on the problem. Tap on each of the following points while repeating the phrase next to it.
Above the Eyebrow

Side of eye
Under Eye

Under arm
Top of head

Remember to try EFT on everything.  Use it on the course for anxiety over shots or putts, frustration with playing partners, slow play.  The uses are endless.  Next time you have a headache or sore shoulder try EFT on that problem as well.

Steve Botuchis

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