Friday, January 15, 2016 Newsletter - Issue 11

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A Review of Some EFT Basics To Start The New Year
As we start off the year no doubt many of you are making new years resolutions in all areas of your life.  For those looking to make positive changes in their mental approach to their golf game this year I'm going to review some EFT basics and offer some suggestions on how to incorporate these fundamentals into your early season practice sessions.
One of the core principles of EFT is to identify a  fear or blocking belief that is preventing you from playing to your potential. Another core principle is to be specific.  The biggest mistake people make is being to general in describing their fear or blocking belief.
For example one golfer might tap on their anxiety about stepping up to the first tee and flubbing their shot. While this is a legitimate fear my suggestion to that golfer would be to look a little deeper as to what is behind that fear by simply asking themselves why are they really afraid. Is it potential embarrassment in front of their foursome.  Maybe it is embarrassment in front of the other groups that are typically there waiting to tee off. It might be a belief that if they miss the first shot the round is ruined, they will not be able to recover and they are destined to mess up the entire day.
First Tee Anxiety - Embarrassment
If it is potential embarrassment over looking silly in front of members of your foursome or others in the crowd looking on dig a little deeper as to what is behind that. Is there somebody in your foursome that always gets under your skin, perhaps a friend named Joe. Do they make a snide comment or tease you after you hit a bad shot.  If so be specific about that individual.
For example:
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First Tee Anxiety – Getting the Round Off to a Bad Start
If your anxiety revolves around your belief that the first tee shot of the day sets the tone for the entire round I would suggest that places a tremendous amount of pressure on you and would cause anyone to tense up and make it difficult if not impossible to take an effortless tension free swing.
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Play to Your Potential

Keeping your emotions in check and playing with confidence will always set you up to play better. It is always important however to be realistic in managing your expectations. Remember that the best players in the world feel dejected and wonder if they are ever going to play well again. Using EFT puts you in a better position to play to your potential. If you are a two handicap or scratch golfer you can shoot lower scores than a twenty handicap because you have the skill set to hit better shots. EFT will allow you to stay calmer, have more fun, swing more confidently and stay more focused so that your typical ninety score may turn out to be an eighty seven whereas a golfer that typically shoots around seventy two may score a seventy or sixty nine.

Steve Botuchis

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