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How to think like Jordan Spieth even if you can not swing like him!
I caught Jordan Spieth's interview a few weeks ago after he won the Fedxcup and there were some great lessons in it for every golfer out there trying to use EFT to improve their mental performance in this crazy game we love called golf. 

He felt the win validated his season long peformance. He spoke of the “lows of the season after missing the cut at The Players Championship after winning the Masters and then missing the first two cuts in the Fedxcup Playoffs”. He mentioned “that people tend to give up on you quickly”. He also said “it surprised him at how loud and emotional it was in his head reacting to good and bad shots”. He was dejected but decided to work harder and play to his potential and see what unfolded.


If arguably the best player in the game today can feel bad after winning the Masters and missing a few cuts in the next few tournaments, how are we supposed to handle our own golf disappointments of missed shots, bad swings and bogeys?


EFT provides us with a tool designed perfectly to deal with all the negative feelings that pop up after a poor performance or just when we are feeling at a low point. If I was working with Jordan here is a sample tapping script that I would have used with him.

Set-up Phrase. While tapping on the karate chop point on either hand I would start with;
“Even though I was number one in the world a few weeks ago and I can't make a cut I accept myself”
“Even though I feel like I'm letting down my team and family I accept myself” 
“Even though I feel pressure to perform because I was number one in the world I accept myself”


Shortcut phrases that focus on the problem. Tap on each of the following points while repeating the phrase next to it.

EyebrowI was number one in the world now I can't make a putt”
Side of eyeall the shots that seemed so easy are now hardUnder eyeI feel like I'm letting down my fans”
Nose “I feel like I'm disappointing my familyChinPeople are counting on me”
CollarboneI can't afford another missed cut“
under armIt feels so loud in my head when I miss a shot it's almost deafening.“
Top of headIt bugs me that people are so quick to give up on me


Jordan is operating on a bigger stage than us for millions of dollars. That said our feelings of how we feel when playing in our regular Sunday foursome mean just as much to us as his feelings do to him when playing in the FEDXCUP.


It is all about our feelings. We may not have a team of coaches, trainers and publicists but we still feel bad when we let ourselves down or let our partner down by missing an easy putt. We feel embarrassed when we hit a bad shot in front of a stranger. We feel pressure to perform in club tournaments and friendly weekend matches. We feel pressure to perform when we have practiced on the range bought new clubs, taken a few lessons and invested time, effort and money into getting better.


Play to Your Potential

Keeping your emotions in check and playing with confidence will always set you up to play better. It is always important however to be realistic in managing your expectations. Remember that the best players in the world feel dejected and wonder if they are ever going to play well again. Using EFT puts you in a better position to play to your potential. If you are a two handicap or scratch golfer you can shoot lower scores than a twenty handicap because you have the skill set to hit better shots. EFT will allow you to stay calmer, have more fun, swing more confidently and stay more focused so that your typical ninety score may turn out to be an eighty seven whereas a golfer that typically shoots around seventy two may score a seventy or sixty nine.

Steve Botuchis

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